Why You Should Avoid All Diets

Why You Should Avoid All Diets

The reason to avoid most diets is that a diet is a set of rules you follow for a set amount of time in order to achieve a goal. A diet is not a lifestyle change. It’s only a temporary deviation of your daily life.

The problem with many of the popular diet plans, such as the Atkins diet, the Beach diet, the South Beach diet, is that these diets restrict the amount of food you eat, which by default slows your metabolism. If you want to lose weight – and keep the weight off – you need to speed up your metabolism in order for you to burn more calories.

Any weight you would lose on these fad diet plans would slowly be gained again once this crash diet plan has been completed. Now if you only want to lose weight for a specific event, then don’t care if you gain it back, these diets may be what you’re looking for, if you’re willing to make the extraordinary sacrifices they require.

The creators of these diet plans don’t care – you’ve already purchased their book, your friends and family have seen you lose weight quickly and you are their testimonial. What they promised you has worked. So did this diet work or not? In the long run, the diet has actually done you more harm than good.

These diets have deprived you of the foods that bring you joy. You’re more likely to binge and cheat on your diet if you’re depriving yourself. You may actually gain more weight than you’ll lose because of late night binges.

When you begin one of these fad diets, your initial weight loss will be water loss, tricking the dieter into thinking their weight loss is genuine and long-lasting. Yet the sad truth is that you haven’t lost any fat. Instead, when you lose weight naturally and gradually, you’ll lose real fat and feel better because you’re doing it the right way and not cutting corners.

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