What is the Database? Full Details

What is the Database? Full Details

About what the database is and what the database means in a computer, you will find the full information in this post today in which we will tell you how the data in the database is stored and how it is used and how is the database, what is the database? Where is it used? If you have such a similar question, then you will get all the answers you will read in this article so that all your small duties will be cleared.

Everything visible on the Internet is stored in a server’s database, which we can easily find by searching on the internet; Normally you must have heard that the data card leaked to the base card, the database of the critical server was hacked or If you have to do some modification in the database then in such a situation you get to listen to the database at a lot of places, in today’s post, I will tell you what the database would be And how does it work.

The big company keeps all the data of its Employees such as Name, Salary, IDNow, Online Store, Schools and University, maintaining the data of all their students in the form of a name, roll no, address, city. From what we call data, in the language of the computer, where we store the data, it is called databases, that means you can also name the storage of data.

Talk about the highest data store in India; you can name the Aadhaar card. The Qaadi base card is for everyone, whose database is vast, where your Aadhar card has a details store, the database of Aadhaar card speaks and changes in the database. Is done,

What is the data?

The data is not connected to the computer only, we also use this problem in daily life, what is the data and what is used on it, the data is called “Transmitting and Stable Computer Information” for the first time in 1946 Used in the meaning of which is information and knowledge, but from it we can also use it at different places, so that both its work and its importance change.

Earlier, we kept our required data and documents in a table and cupboard such as serialize, so that they can quickly get us and do not have trouble finding it, we have such a computer on the computer and internet where we have to store our required data in serialized store By means of data, you can also say Collection of Records, the data is kept in the Proper Way.

Even before the computer was built, people used to store the data but their star was different, the first people used to write some information and knowledge in the form of book bars so that we can speak the data and a well-equipped wardrobe filled with book books The database can talk, I hope you have liked the way you explain it.

What is a database?

We understand the database (DB) easily that in the language of the computer the database speaks the database of data, stored data and stored data on a computer system are called databases, in the database, you save a lot of data. Such as in the document, the worksheet or program files, and when we store any data in the row (Row) and the Column, it can be used for tabular data ) Is yes.

There is an excellent database in which all the information is essential, and you have complete management of it so that you can make changes in the time of the required time and you can not steal any hackers from all the information stored in the store, do you know You can save audio, video, graphics, image etc. in the database.

In order to store a lot of data in one place, we can speak the database, many data in the QQ database can be found at one place which has made our many smiles work easy, the database is different Used in a different format the site, I will now tell you how and where and how the database is used and used.

What is DBMS Database Management System

Database Management System is a computer program that helps to keep data well, keeping a computer’s software, which keeps the database in control, it is not only essential to store data in database management systems. It is also necessary to stop database management system data sharing and access to data security and hacker. If this is not done, then your public data will be open and they will Mr Secure will not.

How many types of database are: Database Model

  1. Hierarchical Model
  2. Network Model
  3. Relational Model

Hierarchical Model:

It shows the Database Model Data as a tree in which there is only one root so that other data are connected to it and keep the Nodes and the branches in the tree, in which Child Nodes will have their parent nodes with them. Add.

Hierarchical Model

Network Model:

You can also say Network Model Powerful and Complicated because here all the Nodes table of data are connected so that the Network Model can represent the Graph Structure, Department, Student, Course and Professor are connected. Is.


Network Model

Relational Model:

This Database Model Data is beneficial and essential that looks like a table in which the data is stored like a table, which is an example of the Oracle Relational Database Management System, the Oracle Relational Database Management System Used in Artifical Intelligence and Expert System.

Relational Model

I hope you have got complete information about what is Database and what is the database and its type, I hope you have got full knowledge of database, and still you have any questions, then you can ask by comment Well, what today’s topic database is (What is Database) and I did a reasonable explanation about the Database Model , so you can share it with your friends.


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