WHAT HOW? If The Face Is Black With Heat Then Do This

WHAT HOW? If The Face Is Black With Heat Then Do This

Blackness of face

As the heating season comes, it starts to feel scared to get out of the house, because sunlight causes problems like sweating, excessive heat loss. Apart from this, its effect can also be seen on your beauty, because the effects of sunlight on the body parts such as the face, side, etc., due to tanning, the skin becomes black.

In this case, the blackness of the front and the other body parts can reduce your beauty during the summer. And you will also see that due to this fear the girls cover their mouth with a good cover so that they do not have a problem of blackness. In such a situation, skin care should be done during the summer so that it can help to survive this problem.

Tips to remove facial blackness in summer:

Due to the heat side effects, you can use many methods to remove the darkness of facial skin. Which not only helps to keep the colour of the face but also helps to keep the skin soft. So now you know in detail what you can do to overcome the blackness of the face in the heat.


Foliage, Iron, Vitamins, and Calcium-rich gourd intake the benefits of the body. The same benefit is also in the groin shells because using gourd’s peel helps to remove the blackness of the face. For its use, grind gourd chilco in a mixer and prepare a fine paste, then apply this paste on the whole face, and keep it on the front for approximately twenty to twenty-five minutes, then use cold water. Clean the face thoroughly and clean the face. Do this two to three times a week; the whole summer will help you to avoid the trouble associated with the look.


Tomatoes also help to make the skin glowing by removing blackness on the face due to heat. For its use, you can grind tomato thoroughly and massage the front two to three minutes from this paste, and leave it on the face. After drying, wash the face with clean water, take this remedy two to three times a week, you will get the benefit.

Lemon and honey

Honey helps to keep moisture in the face, the limb helps to clean the front of the face by removing dead cells occurring on the front. To use it, add one spoon of honey in two teaspoons of lemon juice and mix it well, then put it on the face. And keep this paste on the face as long as the skin does not absorb it well. Regularize this remedy, you will see its effect in your front, and in the summer it helps to keep your skin glowing.

Raw milk

With the help of cotton, put raw milk on your skin and leave it to dry, and after drying, clean the face by using cold water. Regularly, this remedy should be done twice at bedtime during bedtime and twice daily in the morning.


A handful of sesame bike, and take it piece well, so keep it for twenty minutes add half a cup of water. Now filter it, and put this water on the face. And leave it to dry, clean your mouth regularly by doing so. By doing so, sunlight helps to make glowing skin glowing.

Aloe vera

Cut the aloe vera leaf and remove its fresh gel and massage the face for two minutes, then leave this gel for twenty minutes. Wash the face with clean water after drying, regularizing this remedy does not only help to remove blackness on the face due to heat. It also helps to remove skin scarring on the skin while keeping the skin softness.


Grind cucumber juice or cucumber and prepare a paste, now put it on the face and massage for two minutes. After that, leave the face dry, after drying, clean the face with cold water. This remedy also helps in maintaining the beauty of the face in summer.

Gram Flour

Add one spoon gram flour, a pinch of turmeric, lemon juice, some water and mix well. Now put it on the face like a mask, leaving it also helps to make a face naturally glowing.


Mix half teaspoon cinnamon powder and mix two teaspoons of lemon juice and prepare a paste. Now place this paste on the face and leave it to dry the face, after drying, clean the face thoroughly.


Grind the papaya gold and mix a little lemon juice and massage the face with it. After the massage, leave the face like this for five minutes, after that, use the cold water to clean the face thoroughly. Due to this remedy, it helps in removing the problem of the face due to heat.

So these are some of the unique tips that help overcome the blackness of the face in the summer. Apart from this, by the addition of sunscreen as well as in the summer, the body should be well covered. Also, you can use the above tips as well as for the rest of the body in addition to the face, which also helps to remove the blackness of those organs.

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