How To Fix Bad Memory Card And Pendrive?

How To Fix Bad Memory Card And Pendrive

Hello friends How are you searching for Corrupt Memory Card or repair Pendrive? So how to fix Corrupt Memory Card or Pendrive in this post today? You will be given information about this because in today’s article you are going to learn about important Pen Drive Tips and Memory Cards and today’s topic is a topic – how to fix Bad Memory Card and Pen Drive.

Mainly our Memory Card and Pendrive which gets defective due to the virus and there are many other reasons that may make your Memory Card and Pendrive worse because we accidentally download viruses with the freeware from the internet That spoils our storage, but you can fix weak memory card and Pendrive with the help of the method described above.

What is memory card?
Memory card or flash memory card , Solid State Flash Memory is an electronic device for handling data storage data, which we use in many electronic devices, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, music players, and video games in daily life. In this, the program can be rewritten and changes may also be made, that means we can read the data collected in it and modify it as well as erase it.
What is Penride?
PenDrive or USB Flash Drive, it is manufactured from a USB flash drive , flash memory data storage device, which we have a port of USB that we can use to deliver external storage to any device, the USB flash drive that becomes rewritable is. In many electronic devices like mobile phones, digital cameras, music players and video games, we do daily life.

Often, it happens to us that the memory card and Pendrive, which is used in our daily life, gets spoiled due to some unusual reason, i.e. stops working, which does not work correctly in any mobile or laptop or memory Card and Pendrive Show and cannot format them

And some folders are created which are coming back even after deletion, if you do something like that, you throw away that damaged SD card, but let me tell you that in such a memory card/pen drive is absolute Can not spoil, 70% of the chances that any of your Corrupt Memory Card and Pendrive can fix, that is, you can really repair the lousy memory card or Pendrive by itself.

How to fix a corrupt memory card or pen drive?

Friends, if this has happened to you, then you will read this post to the last because we are going to tell you to fix any poor Pendrive or memory here, which can repair Corrupt Memory Card or Pendrive for which You have to have a computer and a laptop.

How to fix memory card and pen drive?

If you have personal data in SD Card and PenDrive and do not want to lose it in any condition, follow the steps I’ve given to you.

But in the case of telling you two ways of how to recover a corrupt memory card, I would recommend that in both ways you will make the memory card 100% correct.

Check the memory card by putting it on another device.

Sometimes it happens that the device in which we are looking at putting that card, there is a problem in it, or it does not support that card. It may also happen, in such a way, you put it in another phone and scan it. There are many chances of getting it right. Very often it happens that if you do not support the SD card in your mobile, it happens so often, do not think it worthless and check it in another device.

Format the memory card and repair the memory card is corrupted due to the virus coming to it. You can also recover the memory card by formatting. Mobile you can format the memory card and then format it, your card will be beautiful, it will rotate you All files will be deleted from the map, but your lousy memory card and pen drive will be cured.

Memory Card from CMD Command, How to Fix PenDrive?

This process is included in the Windows Command Prompt, which we know by name as CMD, here we will call some CMD Commands, so that your SD Card and Memory Card will be formally reformed and it will be okay, but it will be able to recover any files And the data that will be deleted, keep this thing in mind, now I am going to tell you that way –

  • Open Command Prompt – First of all you have to open CMD command in your computer, for that, you have to press the Windows + R and type CMD, and press Enter to begin the Command Mode, and here you go to Search and search the CMD. And let’s do that as Run as Administrator.
  • Type The Type – Now we have to type Diskpart and press Enter, here you will have to type Commands Duga.
  • Type List Disk – List Disk and press Enter so that your Hard Disk and Memory Card will have Disk List Show which will be Disk 0 Or Disk 1. You have to select the same Memory Card or Pendrive, which memory will be detected by the size of which List Disk is your Memory Card.
  • Select Disk – Type Disk 0 or Disk 1, whatever your Memory and Pen Drive will be, then enter Enter.
  • Clean – Now type the clean and press Enter; this is the command to clean it.
  • Create Partition Primary – Now you have to Create Partition Primary Type Karke Enter Press Karna so that your Memory of Single Partition will be ready.
  • Type Exit – Exit and press Enter to give commands so that your Memory Card or PenDrive will recover.

How To Fix Bad Memory Card And Pendrive? Friends memory card is a common thing but do not throw it out, fix it in the way if you have any problem in setting the memory card, you can comment on how to say and recover the weak memory card, its tips And do not forget to tell us how you feel and tricks you, and do not forget to share it.

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