Who Invented The Mobile?

Who Invented The Mobile?

Today Everyone Has The Need Of Mobile Phone, Mobile Phone Today, We Do Not Even Want To Get Out Of The House Without Mobile, So Know Today That Mobile Phone Was Made By Someone Else. Today We Will Tell You The Whole Story Of The Phone And Its Some Interesting Facts That You Probably Do Not Know.

Motorola ‘S First Mobile Phone  Was Shown In 1973 By John F. Mitchell And  Martin Cooper, Whose Weight Was 2 Kilos. 
Motorola ‘S  DynaTAC 8000x Model Was  Commercially Used In 1983

  • The First Automated Cellular Network Launched In Japan In 1979 Was 
    The First-Generation (1G) System  With The Help Of Which Many People Could Call Each Other At A Time
  • The First SIM Card L99l  Munich Smart Card Maker Giesecke & Devrient  By Finnish Wireless Network Operator Was Designed To
  • In 1991, 2G Technology Was Started By Radiolinja  In Finland, And Its Full 10 Years Later Came In 2001, 3G  Started By Japan’s Company NTT DoCoMo
  • From Approximately 1983 To 2014, Nearly 700 Million Mobile Phones  Were Used.
  • Samsung, Nokia, Apple, And LG Were The Biggest Phone Maker Of 2014
  • In 2014, 25% Of The World’s Mobile Phones Were Made By Samsung Phones, 13%  Made By Nokia Mobile

 History Of Mobile At A Glance

 Forty Years Back On April 3, 1973, Motorola’s Engineer Martin Cooper Called An Employee Of His Rival Company And Started A Conversation On A Mobile Phone.

 About 10 Years After That Motorola Launched The First Mobile Handset Market. It Was Worth About Two Lakh Rupees.

 Today There Are Around Six Billion Consumers In The World Today.

 Motorola’s First Handset Was Named Diana Tac. The Battery Could Be Recharged Once And For About 35 Minutes.

Dyna TAC Was Reduced To About 794 Grams Before Landing In The Market. Even After This, It Was So Heavy That Someone Could Have Been Killed By Its Injury.

 Comedian Arin Weise Started Calling Vodafone’s Office In 1985 From St. Catherine’s Port And Started Using Mobile Phones In The UK.

 O2, Famously Known As O2, Broke The Monopoly Of Vodafone By Launching Its Service In 1985. It Took Nine Years To Make Vodafone One Million Subscribers. In The Same Year, CellNet Added Only One And A Half Million Subscribers.

 French Businessman, Philip Khan, Started The Camera Phone On June 11, 1997, Taking Photos Of His Newborn Daughter Sofie.

 Many Other Countries, Including India, Have Restricted The Use Of Talking On Mobile Phones While Driving In The Last Few Years.

♦ An Arizona Establishment Launched A Mobile Phone For Dogs In September 2007. The Phone, Priced At Rs 25 Thousand, Was Equipped With GPS Satellite Facility.

 In The 1993 Wireless World Conference, The First Smartphone Named IBM Siman Was Introduced. It Had An Initial Touchscreen. It Worked As An Email, Electric Pager, Calendar, Calculator And Address Book.

 Tax Messages Of 160 Characters Limit Freedelhm Heli brand A German Engineer Named To The Beginning. It Came To Mind That He Was Working On His Typewriter.

 Postcards Length And Business Telegram Study Confirmed Their Beliefs. The Mobile Industry Made The Measurement In 1986. We Can Also See This Effect On Twitter.

 One Billion 70 Million Mobile Handsets Are Sold In 2012. The Best-Selling, Samsung, Nokia, And Apple’s Handsets Were Included.

♦ The First SMS In The UK, An Engineer Named Neil Papworth, Had Sent The Orbital 901 Handset To His Friend Richard Jervis On December 3, 1992. He Wrote, ‘Mary Christmas.

में In 2011, Mobile Phone Subscribers Sent 1.5 Billion SMS In The UK. Among Those Who Sent SMS, The Number Of Children Aged 12 To 15 Years Was High. He Sent An Average Of 193 SMSes Per Week.

 People Use Mobile Phones At Any Time Anywhere In The World To Contact Each Other. There Was A Time When People Used It Very Heavy Handsets For It. Today These Mobile Handsets Are Very Thin, Small And Convenient.

 Modern Mobile Phones Are Equipped With Infrared, Bluetooth And Other Wireless Features.

♦ Despite All The Features Of The Mobile Phone, They Also Have Some Weaknesses, Such As When Driving It Is Dangerous, Sometimes It Is Also Used In Troubleshooting. While Some Students Use It To Duplicate It. Given This, Many Schools Have Banned Mobile Phones In Classrooms.

 Nowadays Mobile Phones Can Enjoy Features Such As Net Banking, Web Surfing, Video Streaming, And Video Games.

 Research Has Shown That People Using Smartphones Spend An Average Of 12 Minutes On Phone Calls Every Day.

 Mobile Phone Users Spend 14 Minutes Playing Games On The Handset.

 Mobile Phone Users Listen To Music On Average 16 Minutes On Average.

 They Spend 17 Minutes On Social Media.

पर 25 Minutes Pass On Online Browsing.

 Mobile Phone Consumer Handsets Make The Most Of Time To See Time.

 The Record Of The Best-Selling Handset So Far Is Nokia 1100, Which Sold More Than 25 Crores After Its Launch In 2003.

 When It Was Rumored That The Nokia 1100 Could Be Used To Hack Into Online Money Transfers, The Phone Cost Nearly $ 10000

 iPhones Were Launched In The United States In June 2007. At That Time People Used To Take Nights For A Phone Call, Though Later, They Got Disappointed Because This Phone Did Not Meet Their Expectations.

 By The End Of 2011, Almost 78% Of People Had Phone In Developing Countries. In Developed Countries, This Figure Was 122 Per Hundred People.

 By The End Of 2011, 74 People Out Of Every Hundred People In India Were Using Mobile.

 It Is Estimated That The Annual Sales Of Mobile Phones In 2016 Will Be About Two Billion And One Million Units.

 Annual Sales Of Mobile Phones In India Are Estimated To Be 32.2 Million Units By 2015.

♦ In Britain And Wales, About Eight Thousand People Are Being Held In Court Every Year Since 2008 Due To Use Of Mobile While Driving. About One-Fourth Of These Cases Is Found In London.

 Google’s Subsidiary Android Inc. Introduced The Operating System Market In 2007 For The Touch Screen Mobile Phones, Smartphones And Tablet Computers.

 Mobile Phone Manufacturers Have Begun To Provide Facilities Like Memory Card, Flip Screen, Camera, Touch Screen And USB Port In The Handset, In View Of The Needs Of Consumers.

   Emerge Arthwysthaan Major Market Of Mobile Phones Such As India, Africa, And Brazil. About 60 Lakh Mobile Handsets Are Sold Every Month In India.

 Today There Are Plans For Monthly Billing Plans Ranging From Daily Recharge Coupons To Mobile Phones. Through These, Consumers Take Advantage Of Features Like Mobile Chat, Internet Surfing And Messaging.

 Sony’s New Smartphone Xperia Z Is Not Too Bad In Water. Not Only This, It Can Record HDR Video Just Like The Cameras Of The Company.

♦ The World’s Most Expensive Phone Stove, The Huge Diamond Rose iPhone 4, Is Worth $ 7,850,000. This Phone Has 500 Carats Of 100 Carats. The Back Cover Of The Phone Is Made Of Gold, While Apple Is Made Up Of 53 Diamonds.

 Nokia’s 1100 Phone Is The Best-Selling Phone In The World, Around 250 Million Units Sold Worldwide. Nokia Launched The S1100 Phone In 2003.

 Sonim XP3300 Force Is The World’s Strongest Smartphone, Also Known As Guinness World Records. This Phone Has Been Used Even After Throwing It At 84 Feet Height. Apart From This, Keeping The Phone Up To 2 Meters Inside The Water, There Was No Defect In It.

 Siemens Launched The World’s First Music Phone Under The Name SL45. There Was Also MP3 Player And Headphone Support Along With The Expandable Memory.

♦ In The Case Of Mobile Messaging, The Philippines Are At The Forefront Of The Whole World; 1.4 Billion Text Messages Are Sent Daily On This Day. First, There Was No Charge For Sending Messages From Mobile But Now It Has To Pay A Nominal Fee.

♦ In 1985, 45-Year-Old Researcher Freudelm Hillbrand Extracted The Concept Of 160 Character Messages. They See That Most Of The Messages In Typewriter Were Of 160 Characters. While The First Mobile Carrier Limit Was 128 Characters In The Mobile.

 Maybe You Are A Little Surprised To Hear This, But In 1865 Nokia Used To Make Paper. Apart From This, The Company Also Made Some Rubber Products Such As Electric Cable, Gas Mast And Plastic, Nokia Launched Its First Mobile In 1980.

 James Bond Used Sony Ericsson JB988 As The First Phone In His Movie. James Bond Could Not Only Call This Phone But Also Had Many Extra Features In It. Such As Taking Fingerprint, Working Remote Control.

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