What Is Li-Fi How It Works, Its Advantages Are Disadvantages

What Is Li-Fi How It Works, Its Advantages Are Disadvantages

Today We Are Going To Introduce You To Another Such Technology Which You Have Not Heard About, So Today We Will Talk About What Kind Of Technology It Is About LI-FI, Which Has Not Yet Started To Be Used. But This Is A Wireless Communication System, So That You Can Transfer Any Data Too Quickly Too. Nowadays WiFi Is Used, Which Is A Technology Based On Radio Wave And Which Is LI-FI, Is A Light Based Technology.

What Is LI-FI

The Full Name Of LI-FI Is Light Fidelity, Which Means That Any Data Is Transmitted From A Visible Light Communication And Its Speed Is Very High, Which Is Much More Than WiFi. This Allows You To Send 224 Gigabit Data In One Second. This Term Was Used In 2011 And There Are Some Light Bulbs Used That Work Like A Wireless Router.

After That, It Started Researching In 2012, And About 4 Years Later, The Use Of This Technology In 2016 Was Started.

How LI-FI Works

Both LI-FI And WiFi Are Used To Transfer Data Which Works On Electromagnetic Signals. Radio Web Is Used In WiFi And Data Is Transferred To LI-FI Using Visible Light. As We Told You That LI-FI Is A Visible Light Communication System. This Means That A Photo Detector Is Used To Transfer And Receive Any Data That Is Used To Convert The Data To The Same Form Again And Reads Our Computer On Our Device.

Our LED Bulb Is A Semiconductor Which Supplies Light To Us When We Give Less Electricity To It, Its Light Decreases And When We Give More Electricity To It, Its Light Becomes More And It Is The Same By Way Of This Visible Light Communication System Works.

For Example, Assume That You Have Sent Any Data To The LED Bulb And You Have A Photo Detector In Front Of Which Your Data Is Converted And Sent To Your Router So That Your Signal Can Spread Everywhere, The Changes In The LED Bulb Are Calculated By All The Photo Detectors And After That The Data Speed Is Given And The LI-FI System Works In This Manner.

In 2012, It Started Researching And About 4 Years Later, This Technology Was Started In 2016.

Future Of LI-Fi

As We Told You Earlier, LI-FI Had Started Working On It Since November 2012 And In November 2014, Pioneers Joined The French Lighting Company From Their Pioneers PureLiFi. Still, Pioneers Are In PureLiFi’s Two Product Markets In Which There Is The Li-Flame Ceiling Unit Which Is Connected With An LED Light System And The Li-Flame Desktop Unit Connecting Through A USB Device Connects To A Device You Can Easily Transfer Any Data. As The New Changes Come In This Technology, It Will Start To Be Used As It Is. This Is A Great Technology, It Will Not Reduce Your Signal Strength And You Will Easily Be Able To Use The Internet With High Hot Speed.

Benefits Of LI-Fi

  • This Allows You To Transfer Data From High Speed.
  • This Will Give You The Strength Of Proper Singal.
  • You Need A Light Bulb To Use It.

Loss Of LI-FI

  • This Is A Costly Tool.
  • To Use It You Will Have To Keep The LED Bulb ON Each Time.
  • Take Power Too Much.


So It Is Li-Fi That You Can Use To Run The Internet In Your Mobile Computer. This Allows You To Send And Receive Data From Your Mobile To Computer And Computer As Well As To The Network In Mobile And Other Computers. We Have Also Told You The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Li-Fi. If You Like The Article, Then Comment And Comment.

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