What Is HDMI Cable Its Advantages And Disadvantages

What Is HDMI Cable Its Advantages And Disadvantages

Today In This Article, We Will Tell You About HDMI Cable, How Many Types It Is And What Its Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using It. HDMI Cable Reaches Both TV And Monitor Screens By Carrying Both Audio And Video Signal.

As The Year Numbers Change, There Is A Lot Of Change In Technology Too. Meanwhile, The Use Of HDMI Cable, Which Got Rid Of The Audio Video Cable, Got Worse In 10-15 Days.

What Is HDMI?

You Must Remember That You Have Used AV Cable Or S Cable To Connect Your DVD Player To TV. Apart From This, There Was Another Cable, Which Was Known As HDTV, All The Older DVD Players Are Now Used, All This Stuff Is Used To Send Cable Analog To A Device.

All Signals In HDMI Cable Are Sent From One Device To Another In Digital Format. The Advantage Of This Is That It Does Not Have To Use The Converter To Convert Any Side, So That The Circuit Of Both TV And Player Becomes Small And Compact. HDMI’s Full Form Is The High Definition Multimedia Interface. In This Type Of Cable, The Audio And Video Signal In The Digital Form Is Sent To The TV And Monitor. 

In HDMI Cable, 19 Separate Wire Is Connected To A Connector That Transfers Audio Device’s Digital Signal From High Speed To Another Device From The Digital Signal

Types Of HDMI Cables

There Are Only Two Types Of HDMI Cable That Have Been Divide In Category 1 And Category 2. Their Type Is Kept Only On The Basis Of Their Speed.

Standard Cables: This Cable Is Also Called Common Cable, It Is The Category 1’S HDMI Cable. Its Pixel Speed Is 75 Mhz And Its Bandwidth Is 2.23Gbps. In This Type Of Cable, You Can Transfer The Problem Without 1080i Signal.

High-Speed Cables: This Is The High-Speed Transfer Cable. It Is Also Called Category 2 HDMI Cable. This Type Cable Has A Pixel Speed Of 340 MHz And Bandwidth 10.2Gbps. With This Cable, You Can Transfer The Signal To 1440p And WQXGA Resolutions Without Any Problem.

Benefits Of HDMI

Great Quality: In HDMI, You Will Get The Original Quality Of All The Video And Audio, Because It Does Not Use Any Converter, So That You Can See The Best Quality Video Using An Affected HDMI Cable. VFX Editing, You Must Use HDMI Cable

Two -Way Communication: There Is 2-Way Communication In It, Which Automatically Configures It, So You Will Not Need To Do Any Setting.

Authentication And Encryption: HDMI Is The Most Secure Communication, Allowing You To Transfer Your Signal Only To The Authorized Device. This Can Prevent Any Copy And Pirate Content From Being Tapped.

HD Signal: HD Content Is Transferred With Its Help. With This Help, Any Digital Signal Can Be Stored And Can Transmit Anywhere And Direct View…

One Cable: The Biggest Advantage Of This Is That It Does Not Have To Use More Cable To Connect Two Devices. With This Help, You Can Transfer Both Audio And Video Signal From High Speed To A Cable.

Dark Color: HDMI Cable Gets 10 Bit, 12 Bit And Depth Of 16-Bit Color, Giving You A Good Quality Of Screen And With HDMI Cable You Will Get Good Detail.

Original Signal: Using The HDMI Cable Does Not Have To Use The Converter. Because Of Which The Original Signal Reaches The Second Device, The Quality Of The Signal Is Not Reduced.

With DVI Compatibility: In HDMI You Can Use DVI Interface. In The DVI Enable Pc, You Can Transmit The HD Signal.

Supports Multiple Audio And Video Formats: In HDMI Cable You Can Use A Function Such As Standard Stereo, Channel Around Sound 720p, 1080i, 1080p, NTSC, PAL.

Plug And Play: You Do Not Need Any Software To Use HDMI Cable. With This, You Can Easily Plag & Play

CEC: This Means Consumer Electronics Control. This Is A Communication Link, Which Lets You Connect A Company’s Device Together.

Display Port Compatibility: HDMI Works On Parallel Technology. Which Attach To A Device’s Circuit Circuit With Another Device.

Dolby / DTS: HDMI Dolby / DTS-8 Channel Extends The Highest Quality Of Audio Streams.

Loss Of HDMI

Set Limits: The Biggest Drawback Of HDMI Is That It Does Not Exceed Its Length Of 35 Meters, Due To Which You Can Not Use It Far Enough. If You Want To Use It Far Enough, Then You Have To Connect Many Cable To It. For This, You Have To Use A Device Such As Switches, Distribution Amplifiers, Audio / Video Processors, So That It Can Be Used As A Device Repeater And Boosting The Signal,

Time And Error: Due To This There Is A Lot Of Delay Due To Many Times. This Results In A Lot Of Blank Screen Or Error On The Screen. 

Difficult In Field: There Is A Lot Of Limitation In Its Use In The Field, Due To Which It Can Not Be Used In The Field.

More Expensive: HDMI Is Much More Expensive Than Normal Cable. Because Of This, It Is Not Used Long Enough.

Impossible To Use On Many Locations: If You Want To Use It In Different Places Then Due To This You May Have Difficulty, Because Its Work Is Very Difficult To Run The Application In Different Places.


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