Know What Is Section 377 And The Complete Information Related To This

Know What Is Section 377 And The Complete Information Related To This

By The Way, You Will Be Aware Of Many Streams Because They Keep Reading About The News In A Very Timely Manner, But There Are Also Many People Who Get Very Little To Go About And All Streams Are For Any Crime Or Any Law But For Some Time The Rule Of Some Stream Is Changed By The Court, Some Changes Are Made In The Sentence Related To Them Or Related Crime, Like Just A Little Bit I Have Made Some Changes In The Law Related To Section 377 Before. Many Questions Related To These Are Asked In The Competition Examination, But If There Should Be Knowledge About Them, We Will Tell About The Changes Related To Section 377 In This Post. And Give Full Information Regarding This.

What Is Section 377

Section 377 Is A Criminal Offense Of The Indian Penal Code. Section 377 Of The Indian Penal Code, “According To Section 377 Of The Indian Penal Code,” The Person Having Sexual Intercourse With Any Person, Woman Or Animal Shall Be Treated Like A Criminal And Sentenced To Life Imprisonment Or Up To Ten Years Prison And Fines Can Also Be Imposed. This Crime Falls Under The Category Of Cognitive Crime And It Is Non-Bailable And This Section Of The IPC Is Approximately 150 Years Old And The Queen Victoria’s Era Of Ethics Is Only A Remnant.

Section 377 Begins When And When

Lord McAllen, Who Was The First To Live In Britain, Was A Politician And Historian. In 1830 He Was Elected A Member Of The British Parliament. He Came To India In 1834 As The First Legal Member Of The Governor-General’s Executive Council. In India, He Became Head Of The Law Council And Law Commission In The Supreme Council.

During This Time, He Drafted Indian Law. In The Same Draft, Gay Relations Were Put Into The Category Of Crime In Section 377 And This Act Was Started By Lord Macaulay In 1861 In The Indian Penal Code (IPC) Drafting. According To Section 377 Of The Same Draft, Homosexual Relations Were Classified As Crime. As With Mutual Consent, In Spite Of Mutual Consent, Sex Between Two Men Or Two Women, Sexual Intercourse With A Mutual Consent Of A Man Or Woman, Male Or Female Sex With Animals Or Any Kind Of Unnatural Activity Has Been Kept In This Category.

There Is A Provision Of Non-Bailable 10 Jail Or Life Imprisonment. And Then After That Section 377 Was Raised For The First Time By The NGO ‘Naz Foundation’. This Organization Had Filed A Petition In The Delhi High Court In 2001 And The Court Had Described The Provision Of Declaring Sexual Relations Between Two Adults Of The Same Sex As “Illegal” To Be “Illegal”. After This, The Debate Continued On The Other Countries And Finally, On July 9, 2018, The Supreme Court Said That The Petitions Challenging Section 377 Will Be Heard From Today (July 10), During The Three-Day Hearing, The Supreme Court Has Given Adequate Indication Given That He Will Give This Section Of The IPC The Right To Live Homosexuals With Liberty By Declaring This Section As Unconstitutional.

Homosexuality Is Not Crime In These Countries

India, Australia, Malta, Germany, Finland, Colombia, Ireland, America, Greenland, Scotland, Luxembourg, England And Wales, Brazil, France, New Zealand, Uruguay, Denmark, Argentina, Portugal, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, Spain, 26 Countries Like Canada, Belgium, Netherlands Have Removed Gay Sex From The Category Of Crime.

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