External Hard Disk What Is Its Advantages And Disadvantages

External Hard Disk What Is Its Advantages And Disadvantages

To Store Our Data, It Requires Some Kind Of Storage Whether It Is Internal Storage Or External Storage. Internal Storage Can Also Be Seen In Our Phone And Also In Our Laptops And Computers. Talking About External Stories, We Can Increase The Storage Of Our Phones By Using A Micro SD Card For Our Phones, In The Same Way, We Can Use Our Computer Also Use External Hard Disks For External Storage.

External Hard Disk Has Become Much More Affordable And More Capacities Than Before. First, We Found It Difficult To Get An External Hard Disk Of 1TB, But Now You Can Get An External Hard Disk Of Up To 5TB, But The Higher The Capacities You Will Take, The More Power You Will Need, The External Hard Disk Will Operate With Power From Your Computer. But The Hard Disk With A Lot Of Storage Needs Different Power Supply Today In Today’s Post. You Are About To Give Complete Information About The External Hard Disk.

If You Remove An Internal Hard Disk And Attach It To An External Power By Applying It In The Enclosure And Connecting It With The External Power, Then It Is Also An External Hard Disk. When The Internal Hard Disk Is Converted To An External Hard Disk And During Which A Cover Is Placed On It Is Called The Enclosure.

External Hard Disk Comes In Different Storage Capacities. Apart From This, There Are Different Types Of Connections, Such As A USB Connection, FireWire Connection, ESATA Connection And Wireless Connection. The Price Of All These Types Of Hard Discs Is Also Different. These Hard Disks Are Also Called Portable Hard Disks.

External Hard Disk Type

External Hard Disk External Hard Disk Commonness Consists Of Three Types: HDD, SSD, And SSHD.

HDD Is  A Mechanical Storage Device That Has Moving Plates In It, As You Can See In Photos, There Are DVD-Like Plates And These Plots Are Stored In The Data Itself. And There Are Many Plots In It And There Is A Revolving Head With The Help Of Which The Data Is Read From These Plots.

Price =  Ra. 3,760
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SSD  Is Like A Kind Of Chip Or Memory Card, As You Can See In The Photo Above. There Is No Moving Part In It. Whatever Data Is Saved In The Whole Chip.

Price  = Ra. 11,650
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SSHD Is  Now Combination Of Both That Has Been Created By Combining Both Of Them. This Is The Full Form Of ”  Solid State Hard Drive ” In The New Laptops And Also With Any Laptop. In This, You Have  1TB SSD Aur 30 GB SSD  (Not Fixed)   From Which You Can Install Your Operating System In The SSD And Save Your File In HDD. Your Computer Will Work Fast Because The Speed Of The SSD Is Very High And You Can Work Comfortably On Your Computer.

Why Use External Hard Disk

The Biggest Reason For Using External Hard Disk Is That It Can Be Easily Taken Anywhere, You Can Easily Use It Anywhere, Except If You Want To Add A Larger Size File To Another Computer. So You Can Save It And Take It Anywhere And By Connecting It Wherever You Need It, You Can Transfer All Of Your Data.

We, Will, Tell You The Many Benefits And Benefits Of This That We Are Telling You Below And Its Losses.

  • Benefits Of External Hard Disk
  • The Biggest Advantage Is That You Get This Hard Disc From The Internal Hard Disk At A Lower Cost.
  • Apart From This, If You Use Any CD, Then It Can Be Used Only Once, Its Biggest Advantage Is That You Can Add And Remove Data In Less Money Frequently.
  • You, Will, Find Its Storage Separately. One Advantage Of This Is That You Do Not Have To Use More CDs And DVDs To Keep Any Big Data.
  • To Connect This Hard Drive You Will Not Need Any Special Software. All Types Of Connector Type Hard Discs Can Connect You Comfortably.
  • When You Have To Take Any Data That Is In A Larger Size Like 20 GB Or 30GB, It Helps You So That You Can Transfer Any Data As Well.
  • If There Is A Problem Due To Some Reason In Your Computer, Then You Can Transfer All Your Data Into It.
  • Its Weight Is Also Very Low And The Size Is Too Small, So You Will Not Have Trouble Keeping It.
  • If Your Computer’s Internal Storage Is Low Then You Can Increase Storage Using It.

Disadvantages Of External Hard Disk

  • It Is Very Fragile Because Of Which If It Falls, It Quickly Breaks. So You Have To Keep It A Little Handy.
  • The Problem Of Electrostatic Discharge Occurs Very Quickly In The Winter And Rains, Due To Which It Is Common For Maladministration To Occur.
  • If You Use It More Then It Gets Very Hot. If Its Temp Goes Above 50 Degrees Then The Chances Of It Getting Worse Are More.
  • Due To Being Too Small It Is More Likely To Steal It.
  • Many Times Its Cable Causes Problems Too Much Because The Cable Does Not Connect To The Computer When It Is Light Or Lose.

So This Is The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Some External Hard Disk, Apart From This, We Are Giving You Some Of The Best Names Below For Companies That Make Portable Hard Disks Which You Can See Their List Below.

External Hard Disk Company

Although There Are A Lot Of Companies In The World Who Make An External Hard Disk, India Itself Has A Cap Company Which Makes Hard Disks Such As Sony, Samsung, WD Intel, It Is Some Four To Five Brands, And More To Be Listed. Given Below.

  1.  Intel SSD Drives
  2. Sony
  3. Toshiba
  4. Olive
  5. Hitachi
  6. Samsung
  7. Fujitsu Hard Drives
  8. HP
  9. Western Digital (WD)
  10. Seagate

If You Want To Buy An Excellent Company’s External Hard Disk, Then You Can Take A Hard Disk Of Any Company From A WDA Gate Sony Samsung Or Intel, All These Companies Make The Best Hard Disk.

How To Buy External Hard Disk

If You Want To Buy External Hard Discs For Yourself, Then You First Have To See How Much Space You Want, Extras And Hard Disks, You Get From 500 GB To 1TB, 2TB, 3TB And 4TB, But You Get Bigger External Hard Discs. Also, There Is No Use Of Taking Too Much And You Do Not Have The Advantage Of Taking Even A Small Amount. First Of All, You Need To See How Much Space You Need.

Type: – We Have Already Told You About The Type Of Hard Disk, If You Want To Take A Great Speed Hard Disk, You Will Have To Pay More Money And For This, You Will Buy SSD Hard Disk But Buy Only SSD For Speed Because Its Price Is Multiplied By A Normal Hearty 1 TB Of HHD Is About Rs 4000 And The SSD Of 1TB Is About 32000 Rupees, So You Need Your Need. Choose Hard Disk Only

Space: – If You Need 500 GB Then You Will Buy A Hard Disk With 1TB, The Advantage Will Be That You, Will, Have To Spend Only A Few More And You Will Get 500 GB More 500 GB Of Hard Disk Will Get You In 3599 And If You Get 1 TB If You Take A Hard Disk Then You Will Get It In 3799 Only Then You Will Have To Pay Only 300-400 Rupees And You Will Get 500 GB More. If You Need 1TB Then You Get 2TB, And Will Pay More And You 1TB Will Get More.

Company: – If You Want To Take A Special Company’s Heart, You Can Take An External Hard Disk Of Any One Of The WD, Samsung, Seagate And Sony In 4 Companies. It Is Very Good That You Own All These Companies And The Most In India. More Of These Four Companies Sell Hard Disks Only.

If You Want To Buy A Hard Disk Then You Can Buy A Good Hard Disk, If There Is Any Other Question About It Then You Must Definitely Ask For A Comment Below.

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